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Epic Fitness Solutions

Working with Epic Fitness Solutions we provide education, motivation, and accountability to help ensure each individual reaches their goal.

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Epic Fitness Solutions teaches the 5 Components of Fitness:

  • Proper Nutrition is the backbone of any successful fitness program. It makes up approximately 70% of the program. Without proper nutrition, overall fitness is highly minimized
  • Cardiovascular Health (heart health) is a staple in every successful fitness program and with the right amount will improve your heart health and boost physical performance on the road to your goal.
  • Supplementation (supplement recommendations) - With the addition of supplements the journey to your physical goals can be boosted. With specific supplement recommendations, you can decrease time to goal and gain increased internal and external health.
  • Resistance Training is a key component to achieving your physical goal. Along with the necessary education of the specific lifting routines, the resistance training portion is one of the specialties of the trainer/coach.
  • Professional Assistance - This is where having a professional trainer/coach comes into play. The professional brings motivation, accountability and education to the program. They figure out the quickest route to your goal and guide you step by step on that journey. When you are feeling like it's too much, that is when your fitness professional helps motivate you and gets you back on track. They will provide accountability for nutrition along with training. They will educate you with making better choices for yourself and teach you how to exercise safely and correctly to maximize efficiency of the workout and minimize risk of potential injury.


We show you how the integration of these simple steps will get you into the best physical condition of your life. Epic Fitness Solutions offers a large variety of services guaranteed to fit your specific needs.


"Come muscle-up with Epic Fitness Solutions

and get yourself some WILL Power!"

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