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Testimonials for Epic Fitness Solutions

zach.jpg"I recall meeting Will in 2010. What stuck with me was not his fierce competitor's spirit or his bone crushing strength, but it was his generosity and his capacity to learn. Will is one of the few people I have met who continues to seek and gather information and techniques that produce results. He always strives to become better no matter what the circumstances may be. That is what Will is about." 

~ Zach McCarley, Lightweight Pro Strongman, 6X National Champion, 2011/2012/2013 America's Strongest Man Champion, 2015 90kg Strongman World Champion

dionneWessels.jpg"Will is a gregarious and charismatic person." 

~ Dione Wessels, President American Strongman Corporation and North American Strongman Society





kendrick.jpg"Will is a man of Faith and Action!" 

~ Kendrick J. Farris, 2008/2012 Olympian (85kg U.S.A. Weightlifting), Founder/Owner Bless The Gym, King of the Platform





mieka.jpg"William has always been a motivation to anyone who comes in contact with him. One of the most positive, big hearted strongmen I know." 

~ Mieka McGhin





jasonHarms.jpg"My friend Will is an extremely dedicated and loyal person who will stop at nothing until his clients reach their desired results. He is a champion and great dad too." 

~ Jason Harms, Owner Complete Nutrition




ePerez..jpg"Will is a person that inspires others to perform at their highest levels. He is WILL-POWER personified.  WILL power is more than just having determination to reach your goal, it is the driving force that pushes you when you have nothing left to give."

~ Ernestali Perez Jr.




rickDancer.jpg"Will Dinwiddie is a guy who not only cares about training people he cares about the people he's training. If you are in need of a trainer and you want someone who cares about the whole person, Will is your man." 

~ Rick Dancer, Local News/T.V. Personality



alexWhitaker.jpg"Will Dinwiddie is honestly one of the strongest human beings I've been fortunate enough to have in my life. I'm not referring to athletics. What I'm referring to is a person who has more discipline, drive, and dedication to his sport, his profession, and the people in his life. We've both grown a lot from each other and I'm glad to have such a dedicated training partner and friend." 

~ Alex Whitaker, Owner Valley Sports Nutrition, Heavyweight Strongman

garyMontoya.jpg"Will is one of the top lightweight strongmen in the U.S. He is also dedicated to seeing everyone of his clients reach their full potential." 

~ Gary Montoya, Personal Trainer/Strongman




benediktMagnusson.jpg"The World's Greatest Trainer!" 

~ Benedikt Magnusson, World Record Holder Deadlift 1,015lbs(Belt & Chalk ONLY!), Professional Powerlifter/Strongman




kyleRogers.jpg"I have been using Epic Fitness Solutions Weightlifting Programs for 3 1/2 years and love what they come up with every time. There is constant change in the weightlifting so it never gets old. When I started training under EPIC, I was 5'8" 210lb, unhealthy and not happy with my self. Within 8 months of watching what I eat, jogging 3 days a week, and using EPIC's Weightlifting plans 3 days a week, I dropped my body weight to 176lbs. I feel great and it's because EPIC made training fun again. I recommend EPIC's training to anyone who is ready to feel good and enjoy life. Thank you so much for what you have done for me and my family Will."

~ Kyle Rogers

scottBrengel.jpg"Practice what you preach and have a passion for an evolving knowledge base. A client should always seek a trainer that truly believes in what they are doing and is a continuous student of the craft. Those two principles encompass Will Dinwiddie as an athlete and strength coach. Will is always seeking to better himself and the results of his clients. He is a rare and special individual and anyone lucky enough to train with him will discover the same."

~ Scott "Pitbull" Brengel CSCS Lightweight Pro Strongman Owner East Coast West Coast Strength

reneeWatts.jpg"I'd been training since high school and had reached a plateau when I started working with Will. He is incredibly knowledgable in all types of strength training and has helped me improve my technique in Olympic lifting and my strength and conditioning in general. I've reached several new PR's with his help. He is an attentive and thoughtful trainer and is always positive and encouraging. Even people who are experienced or professional athletes can benefit from having a coach. It's so helpful to have a professional who can give objective feedback and inject new ideas we haven't thought of into our training."

~ Dr. Renee Watts

camHaines.jpg"Will Dinwiddie is one of the hardest working most passionate fitness experts I've ever met. His positive energy is infectious and his incredible drive inspires me to give my best. He's made a difference in my life and will in yours too."

~ Cam Haines Professional Hunter/Endurance Athlete


aaronOrton.jpg"Will Dinwiddie leads by example and unlike many fitness professionals, he actually practices what he preaches." 

~ Aaron Orton  Personal Trainer, Bodybuilder, Owner Genuine Fitness




clintKordon.jpg"I have known Will Dinwiddie since 2003. I used to see him at the gym and was a little intimidated by him. He looked the way that I was trying to get my body to look. I was going to Lane Community College at the time and we randomly had a class together. I struck up a conversation and he turned out to be a great person. When you find a person as positive and has as good of a heart as Will's, you stay with them." 

~ Clint Kordon


scottPorter.jpg"Will Dinwiddie is the kind of person who has such a passion for working out it is contagious. His continual perseverance in his own athletic career of strongman demonstrates his WILL power to be the best. His thirst for being better is easily noticed by others. This is the type of person you want training you to get EPIC results!"

~ Scott Porter Lightweight Pro Strongman, 2011 America's Strongest Man Runner-up, Owner Spartanfit Crossfit Gym.

joelJenniferUlam.jpg"Jenifer and I would like to thank Will Dinwiddie for being a true inspiration to us both! Will's determination, drive, and overall mental prowess will inspire the unrepairable human being! Will D (Big Will) is one of the most mentally strongest human beings we have ever been around, and definitely the STRONGEST human physically that I/we have ever been around. Oregon's Strongest Man is a honest all around great man, has served and fought for our country as a special forces soldier, and has made lots and lots of people better, stronger, and healthier with his awesome personal training and meal plans. I can't say enough about him, he inspires just by standing in the same room. Will has pushed us and helped us in many ways and for that we want to say Thank You!" 

~ Joel/Jenifer Ulam

Nick_Callie_Marunde.jpg"If you want to get into great shape-listen to Will! He is accomplished in his athletics, looks fantastic, and is knowledgeable on getting you to your goals." 

~ Nick/Callie Marunde-Best (Nick Best) Heavy Weight Professional Strongman-World's Strongest Man Competitor,  


IMG_8216.jpg"I have lived with William Dinwiddie for five months. He has refined many core values in me just by leading by example. Will shows strength, integrity, and endurance on a daily basis. Just being around him has motivated me and drove me to pursue something great with my life. Through his mentoring and advice, he made it feel possible for me to work harder which motivated me to join the navy and get my Naval Special Forces Aviation Rescue Swimmer contract. I'm on my way to greatness. Thank you William Dinwiddie."  

~ Cole Killinger

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